Our Story

We started designing brands and packaging as part of our sister agency Hangar 12, back in 2001. It was a natural progression from designing retail displays and in-store advertising to developing packaging solutions at the point of sale. 

In 2011, we became PKG Brand Design to consolidate our brand strategists, package designers and writers to focus only on branding and package design. We work on highly recognizable brands in the food & beverage, snacks, pet, retail, home & office, and DIY categories.

The key to our success is our proven Consumer First™ approach to brand strategy, design and packaging where we engage consumers to co-create solutions that attract shoppers with incredibly compelling brand stories.  

Great stories can be told when you put your Consumer First™. Great stories don’t happen in a vacuum. They must relate to the reader. And the same goes for great brands. That’s why we engage deeply with your consumers throughout our design process. It helps us develop stronger, more compelling, and more relevant branding. And that means a happier ending for your products at retail 

Finally, we value partnerships… for the long term. We love teamwork, and a good agency/client relationship needs to be a partnership with a strong team dynamic

We look for clients who want to::

  • collaborate on marketing challenges that create innovative and sustainable brands in the marketplace
  • leverage the “voice of the consumer” in the creative process
  • work with a strategic boutique agency and in-house staff, yet tap into our global network of specialists

Meet our team