What We Do

Simply put, PKG helps brand and retailers reveal their authentic story and find their true voice. Our mission is to transform every brand through packaging with a attention getting compelling, and clear message that connects with shoppers more immediately and more meaningfully at retail. Using a proven approach we call Consumer First™, we focus our efforts in three areas that can make or break your success: brand strategy, brand design, and packaging.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

We immerse ourselves in consumers’ worlds by stepping in their shoes, understanding their interests and attitudes, and processing their experience through the lens of the competitive environment and current trends. We then collaborate with consumers throughout our design process so we can refine the ideas to better connect with shoppers. We also partner with clients in all phases of marketing strategy: identifying the opportunity, target audience, positioning, identity and image. Our strategic capabilities include leading brand positioning, brand and product naming, identity development, brand story development, and brand architecture.

We believe in putting the Consumer First.

Brand Design

Putting a face and identity to your brand is no small task to be taken lightly. To announce the existence of your brand to the world and differentiate it from the competition requires more than just a good eye. PKG offers expert services in identity creation, logo design, style guide development, and new product design that are all geared to support your brand’s story and connect with shoppers on an emotional level.

We believe in connecting emotionally.



Well-designed, meaningful packages attract consumers. Packaging that tells your brand’s story can establish a significant competitive advantage for your company. After all, packaging is often the consumer’s only tangible, physical interaction with your brand. How well it’s done says a lot about you – and your product. PKG leverages every element available — materials, shape, colors, graphics, messaging, etc. — to reinforce a brand’s identity and provide shoppers a reason to make it theirs. We understand that structure is as critical as design, providing functionality that protects and delights when properly executed. When structure and design are artfully balanced, magic happens for your brand in-store.

We believe great design applies to both form and function. 

Telling the right story to connect with consumers isn’t always easy. 

From brand strategy to logo development to package design – PKG ensures your story will resonate with your audience..

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