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Sustainability: It's Not Just a Passing Trend

Earth made from plastic bags.


Sustainable packaging isn’t just a trend for next year. It’s the beginning of something much bigger. American consumers are increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of so many of our top brands. They are demanding better of companies, and sustainable packaging is just one of the adjustments manufacturers will need to undertake to remain competitive.

In the future, it’s likely your business will be negatively impacted if you do not take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Companies that adopt sustainability in how they produce and sell products will achieve a competitive advantage. Those that don’t will be left behind.

Here are some of the most recent innovations in sustainable packaging and how your company can benefit from these changes.

Sustainable Packaging for Your Company

Consumers are very aware now of how the production of packaging materials negatively impacts the environment. Sustainable packaging takes less to create and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way with little or no negative impact on the earth. 

It reduces the impact of your products during all parts of the production cycle, from raw materials to product creation, transportation, consumer usage, and through to the end of the product lifecycle. Each of these phases can produce a negative impact on the environment. Each can be mitigated with sustainable packaging.

Some of the benefits of these materials include:

  • Your customers are concerned about the impact of materials that negatively impact their health. In addition to having a low impact on the earth, sustainable packaging seeks to avoid dangerous toxins and allergens that could harm your customers.
  • Sustainable packaging can build a positive impression with your customers. Your brand will benefit from having a more eco-friendly approach. You can use your efforts to embrace sustainable packaging to entice more customers and show the world you care about the total product life cycle and its impact on the environment.
  • Building a more positive brand image can, in turn, increase sales. The sustainability of your packaging can then become a marketing and selling point to sell more products. 
  • Sustainable packaging can also help improve package production efficiencies and storage. Industrial Packaging suggests that embracing green initiatives typically forces companies to reassess their entire transport and shipping process to look for further efficiencies to complement the approach. This could reduce storage space or cut transportation costs and benefit your business in addition to building your brand.
  • Along the same lines, sustainable packaging may also save your company money. Eco-friendly products are typically packaged in lighter weight materials that may help you save shipping costs. Give some thought to sourcing locally for freight logistics and packaging materials whenever possible. 
  • Consider sustainable package for returns. For e-commerce companies, consider packaging that can also make the return trip with a simple label exchange. 

Person planting a tree.

Sustainable packaging is not a passing fad. We are beginning to see the widespread adoption of these techniques. Your customers demand nothing less, and we believe they will come to expect this from your brand in the coming years.

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