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Brand Strategy

We use the voice of your customer to tell your story and grow your brand.

What are Consumer First® brand strategies?

We believe in framing strategies around your consumers. Without them, your brand’s story wouldn’t be heard. That’s why we put so much effort in getting to know your consumers, finding out about their challenges and needs and formulating a strategy that puts the Consumer First®.

Meet with your consumers

Through our proprietary chatter tool, we are able to start a discussion around your brand that affects your strategy. This two-way dialogue is a stress-free way for consumers to interact in online focus groups pertaining to packaging. In order to jump into the mind of your consumer, we need to be able to speak with them in a constructive way that engages them and provides us insight into a shopper’s point of view.

- Agile market research

- Meet consumers where they are

- Identify opportunities & gaps

It starts with brand positioning

We partner with clients in all phases of their marketing strategy. Whether you’re identifying a new opportunity, targeting your audience, positioning your brand, or selling into a new retailer, PKG can help you every step of the way.

Our strategic capabilities include brand positioning, competitor audits, category analysis, retailer audits, audience insights, unique selling proposition, and brand architecture for food and CPG products.

It's all about a valued client and agency relationship

With a team of highly skilled branding strategists who focus on only the CPG and food packaging industries, we’re the experts that can guide you through difficult strategy decisions.

We love teamwork and value partnerships that foster collaboration on marketing challenges to create innovative and sustainable brands.

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