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Custom Packaging Design

Make your brand memorable through unique and ownable packaging

Attract shoppers

Well-designed, meaningful packages attract consumers. After all, packaging is often the consumer’s only tangible, physical interaction with your brand. 

Modeled after Nielsen’s BASES, we focus on the three main factors relevant to attracting consumers:

  1. Catch Attention
  2. Connect Message
  3. Clearly Communicate

What goes into memorable Packaging Design?

PKG leverages every element available — materials, shape, colors, graphics, messaging — to reinforce a brand’s identity and provide shoppers with a reason to make it their own.

We understand that structure is as critical as graphic design, as it provides functionality that protects and delights when properly executed. When structure and design are artfully balanced, magic happens for your brand in-store and online.

Providing both form and function

The packaging idea should begin and build around the consumer. What drives the consumer’s behavior that would appeal to the brand and product? We make sure that our custom packaging designs provides your consumers with convenience in opening, closing, reuse, recycling, and more.

The function of the design might keep your products fresh and safe for their intended shelf life, while the form attracts attention and communicates pertinent information regarding your product.

Optimized packaging redesigns generate an average of 5.5% lift in forecasted revenue according to Nielsen.

Ready to take the next step to provide your shoppers with memorable packaging designs?

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