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Expo Organize & Imagine

When challenged to position a new line of 34 dry erase boards as a premium, consumer-facing system for home and office use, we began with a competitive analysis of the dry erase board category to understand the product communication and marketing support opportunities. And we examined premium home organization tools and kid-friendly creative products. And we listened to consumers. After all that, we recommended renaming and rebranding the Expo boards line to target the home user, separate kid’s products, create an opportunity for growth in the category and to unify branding in a bilingual marketplace (U.S. & Canada.) We also created new brand names, identities, packaging design, communications, environment and usage photography, as well as sell-in materials for the sales force, and consumer-facing web tiles for retail websites. These product lines were well received, laying the groundwork for a refresh of Expo’s website and consumer messaging.