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Work | Ragú

Ragú Pasta


American Italian Pasta Company came to us with an intriguing proposition: “We’re teaming up with Ragú to extend the brand into the pasta aisle.” Naturally, we were excited to have the opportunity to develop packaging to launch this new product.


Leverage the equity of the Ragú pasta sauce brand to tell a brand story that really jumped out in the pasta aisle—something that would call to the consumer in a dynamic and thrilling way.


With consumers playing a huge part in helping us understand what the Ragú brand means to them, and engaging them in shelf set testing, we were able to really lean on the brand’s deep reds and blues, the golden logo and the Ragú gondolier. The dynamism of the front panel continues into the illustrated cooking instructions, easy-to-make recipes and the Ragú brand story.
Ragú pasta is also the first national pasta brand to add the Grocery Marketers Association’s “Facts up Front,” as well as “portion peeks”—where possible—to help monitor serving sizes.