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Work | Sara Lee Hearty & Delicious

Sara Lee Hearty & Delicious


Sara Lee® asked us to develop new packaging for its Hearty & Delicious® brand. Consumers told Sara Lee that its brand is too “dessert-focused,” so we repositioned it as “more nutritious” by defining the brand as healthy and flavorful. Also, we seized upon the opportunity to align the brand within the flavor/color framework already established within the competitive set, enabling Sara Lee to refresh the look and feel of the Hearty & Delicious product line while consolidating SKUs from nine to four.


Define the Hearty & Delicious brand as healthy and flavorful by finding a unique way to display a new nutritional system and differentiate various health claims while communicating flavor cues. New packaging should showcase a premium-priced product with a savory taste and universal appeal. And the packaging should be contemporized to what a consumer might expect from a premium bakery.


PKG highlighted the Hearty & Delicious brand’s improved nutrition and great taste, prominently displaying new, revised ingredient cues and appealing product images—“aspirational” sandwich images that differentiate the line from the competition. By creating a clean and easy-to-read nutritional claim system and aligning the brand’s flavor colors with those of the competition, the redesign helps shoppers find their favorite product quickly and easily.