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Work | Senseo Coffee

Senseo Coffee Redesign


When Sara Lee’s Senseo® coffee brand approached us about a brand redesign, we buzzed with excitement. Our partners hoped to increase shopabilty, making their products easier to find on a crowded shelf.


We set out to create design that capitalizes on the “coffee moment”—that unique time of day that’s about pure relaxation and enjoyment. Doing so would mean developing a flavor system that expressed beauty and refinement on multiple levels.


These concepts elevate the Senseo coffee experience, setting a tone that encapsulates the “coffee moment” as a jumping off point. Though we couldn’t impact the brand’s logo, we crafted new packaging that makes it seem as though the brandmark is fresh and new. While establishing an improved flavor system, we also simplified the packaging graphics and the brand story to provide clarity. We also included a QR code—a first that would have enabled consumers to re-order their favorite Senseo flavors directly from the packaging via their smartphones.

Though Sara Lee spun off the brand and these concepts never made it through our Consumer First process, we’re proud of this work and are thrilled to include it in the PKG portfolio.