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World Chef

Brand development, Club & Warehouse, Food & Beverage, Identity, Illustration, New Products, Packaging, Photo Art Direction, Product Launch

Our clients at Perdue Farms challenged us to create a fresh, and exciting new brand to introduce into the club channel that captures a growing consumer desire for new international and ethnic flavors. Beginning with a deep dive into the target audience, the club channel and the world of ethnic grocery, PKG created World Chef to convey knowledge, authenticity and respect for the tradition of international flavors.

The selected design put us on a Road to Adventure. We created a romantic encounter with the unique cultures, encouraging consumers to sample from each of them with the curiosity and awareness of, perhaps, a renegade archaeologist as they travel from country to country in search of tantalizing adventures in food. We developed new, aspirational photography that encourages consumers to branch out and try new food pairings with each package. The brand’s engraved iconography and shopworn feel allows the bright, colorful ingredients to pop and really highlights the quality of the product contained within the package.