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Work | World’s Finest Chocolate

World’s Finest Chocolate

We worked with the World’s Finest Chocolate Company to update and refresh their brand logo and packaging. Proud of their Chicago roots, we developed a new brand mark that adapted their existing crown identity to highlight their heritage with a hidden ‘C’ nestled into the brandmark. A new, stylized type style updated their previous handwritten brand.

The packaging design leveraged the equity of the white label fundraising bars. World’s Finest is known primarily for their fundraising efforts for teams and schools, so we really played off the known equity for the retail boxes. Silver accents highlight the “Finest” quality chocolate and integrate with a new flavor system. New appetite photography showcases the chocolates on a white field, maximizing appetite appeal and pulling your focus to the product itself.

We also refreshed the fundraising candy bars and carry cases. Developing a case that is both easy to carry and display made it easy for kids and adults alike to utilize World’s Finest as a fundraising partner…