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Learn How Shrink Packaging Can Boost Shelf Appeal

Wrapped cucumbers.

In the CPG world, packaging design is about so much more than keeping food fresh. Take shrinkwrapping as an example. Shrink film is a versatile way to improve the shelf life of a product, but being able to see the product inside the packaging design can actually boost sales. Here’s what you need to know about shrink wrap in CPG packaging design.

Benefits of Shrink Wrap

Transparency is the watchword of consumers concerned about the corporations they buy from. Increasingly, customers are careful about making sure the products they buy align with their personal values. But they are also more health conscious. This makes the transparent nature of a shrink-wrapped product, where the consumer can see what’s inside the packaging before purchasing, a possible selling point.

Some of the benefits of shrinkwrapping include:

  • Better product protection and preservation;
  • Enhanced durability for shipping and handling;
  • Prevents tampering;
  • Reduced storage space;
  • Reduced need for additional packaging types;
  • Versatile—suitable for all types of products; and
  • Lowers costs.

But there’s more. Shrinkwrapping also helps create product appeal while still enjoying these additional benefits. High-quality shrink wrapping is now used in packaging design to help make graphics more eye-catching and to give colors higher definition. 

Shrinkwrapping reduces costs by eliminating labeling; packaging designs now include printing right on the shrink wrap. This is highly beneficial for packaging design. Allowing a company to print important information right on the packaging makes it easier for consumers to understand what they’re buying. 

Shrinkwrapping is an easy process that only requires the right kind of plastic and heat. This barrier protector makes a product more attractive by allowing the consumer to see what’s inside the package. But it also makes the product waterproof, tamperproof, and weatherproof.

Packaged six-pack of water.

But it is the barrier protection that comes standard with each shrink wrapped packaging design that holds huge appeal for CPG brands. Shrinkwrapping can even protect light-sensitive products for longer shelf life. This is critical to reducing food waste, something that we all understand is a massive problem in the United States. 

Clear shrink wrapping enforces the product aesthetics, but it also protects the food inside the package from contamination. This is an interesting point, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Shrinkwrapping allows customers to physically handle the CPG product with no risk to the product itself. This could make the product even more appealing to consumers concerned about the pandemic. They can simply take home the shrink wrapped item and use an antibacterial wipe on the outside package to assure themselves that the CPG product is safe. In addition to seeing that the product inside is clean and free from dirt, consumers have the added protection of an easily cleaned surface when they get home.

While CPG products particularly benefit from shrinkwrapping, electronics, sporting goods, and even computer hardware or software can all use this type of packaging to help their finished product stay protected during transport and look good on the shelf.

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