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The Benefits of Using Custom Packing Tape for Your Packaging

The first time consumers physically interact with your product is through the CPG packaging. This creates a great opportunity to share your brand story with them, and it illustrates the quality of your product.

A Bain and Company study reveals 60-80% of consumers satisfied with a purchase don't become repeat customers. The key is to connect with consumers so they'll want to purchase from your brand regularly. Packaging provides a great way to make that happen.

Customizing your packaging design can go a long way toward consumer loyalty. Using custom packing tape offers several advantages. Here's an exploration of them and why you should consider adding it to your design strategy.

Many businesses use corrugated boxes to package products. They provide plenty of space for packing and shipping and they're easy to acquire.

Corrugated boxes typically look very similar. This gives companies several reasons to customize them. You can do this using custom printed labels, interesting graphics, and custom packing tape.

Man taping up a package

What Is Custom Packing Tape?

Custom packing tape allows you to brand your products and shipments so they'll stand out from the competition. By adding your logo to the tape, you can improve brand loyalty by introducing consumers to your brand. This can lead to both first-time and returning purchases.

Why Use Custom Packing Tape?

There are several benefits of using custom packing tape. For example, it's available in a variety of materials like PVC and paper. It also comes in different colors. Third, it advertises your brand while keeping your CPG packaging secure.

Here are some additional benefits of using custom packing tape:

Increases Visibility

Custom packing tape makes your CPG packaging stand out on store shelves and in online shipments. This increases the visibility of your products and your brand as a whole. Consumers will also associate the custom tape with your brand, making it instantly recognizable.

Custom packing tape is also eye-catching. It offers more options for distinguishing your brand from all the rest, and it's much easier to spot on store shelves than conventional packing tape.

Advertises Your Brand Logo

Your logo is essential to all your advertising efforts. It’s what consumers see on all your marketing materials and it's often what consumers remember about your brand.

Printing your logo on the outside of your CPG packaging, and then including it on the custom packing tape, will grab consumers' attention. This also helps keep it in their minds when recalling your brand’s name.

Woman taping up a box

Increases Cost-Effectiveness

Custom packing tape increases cost-effectiveness by accomplishing two tasks. It secures the product packaging while putting your brand logo on display.

Digital printing reduces packaging design costs. This enables you to include options like custom packing tape complete with your own branding. You can try it out by purchasing just one role or order in larger quantities.

Packing tape is a necessary CPG packaging material, so customizing it makes sense. This makes it exclusive to your brand. It's also highly visible to consumers as it can be used in several places on the packaging.

Provides Affordable Marketing

Custom packing tape offers your company affordable marketing. You need to promote your brand in the best ways possible. You're already planning to purchase packing tape, so adding the cost of customization to an existing advertising strategy won’t break the bank. In fact, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to reach more consumers with your brand.

Consumers attracted to your CPG packaging by the custom packing tape will take the time to check out the label's details. This makes your brand more recognizable. It also shows you're willing to go the extra mile to create an authentic packaging design.

Identify Possible Tampering or Theft

Sometimes, theft occurs during shipping. Packages are easy to tamper with when conventional packing tape is used as it can easily be replaced with the same tape.

Custom tape is specific to your brand, so if tampering or theft occurs, would-be thieves will not have your packing tape on-hand. This results in fewer losses for you and your consumers.

Custom tape also helps you figure out when tampering or theft occurred. For example, if a shipment arrives with boxes missing tape, you can narrow down the tampering to when the shipment was in transit.


Using custom tape in your packaging design can increase consumer loyalty and brand recognition. A Dotcomdist report on the 2022 E-Commerce Consumer Study revealed premium packaging encourages consumers to engage in repeat business. Almost 50% of those surveyed said they purchase luxury products, most of which come in premium packaging.

This premium packaging is often visual appealing, sustainable, or customized. Custom packing tape adds a personal touch to your CPG packaging that will get the attention of consumers.

Custom packing tape comes in many different materials and is available in different colors, providing many opportunities for customization.

Customize this tape with your brand logo or special printing that showcases your brand. This helps you advertise your product in more places by increasing visibility on your CPG packaging.

You can use custom packing tape both on shipping boxes and the product packaging itself. Consumers will begin to associate the tape with your brand, and they'll expect to see it on future packaging designs.

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