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These 10 CPG Brands are Using Sustainable Packaging

Plastic water bottles and bags on a beach.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle isn’t just a slogan anymore for an increasing number of CPG packaging firms. From major brands to startups, everyone seems to be getting into the idea of packaging sustainability. This article will show you some of the brands that are leading the way as innovators in sustainable CPG packaging.

CPG Companies Going Green

The latest numbers are out, and it doesn’t look good for planet earth. By 2050, some estimates say our oceans will be more filled with plastic than sea creatures. At least 10-cities will be uninhabitable due to higher oceans and hotter temperatures.

Consumers are paying attention now to the effects of plastic and carbon emissions on our environment. All of these trends are driving companies to make changes to how they produce their products. This is particularly true in the area of consumer-packaged goods. CPG packaging makes up one-sixth of the waste in our nation’s landfills. Consumers are making changes in what they consume regularly to counteract these effects, and CPG companies are taking notice. For example:

1. Alima Pure offers beauty products in refillable compact containers. When you’re done with the makeup container, you can pop out the compartment and order a refill. The business says it is carbon neutral, and the organization donates a portion of its annual gross revenue to environmental causes.

2. Alter Eco offers delicious sweet treats made with clean ingredients and CPG packaging that is recyclable. 

3. Captain Blankenship markets beauty products with a focus on nature. They use organic and locally sourced ingredients in their hair and body products. 

4. Coca-Cola is well aware of its reputation as a global polluter. They’ve announced a new initiative to introduce more recycling into their manufacturing processes. 

5. One of the biggest brands of all time, McDonalds, has committed to recycling 100% of its guest packaging by 2025. They also plan to use their influence on lawmakers to create sustainable CPG packaging regulations to help the planet.

6. Established brand Nestle says they will convert 100% of their CPG packaging to sustainable by 2025.

7. Plaine Products packages their shampoos, conditioners, and body washes packaged in aluminum bottoms that can be returned for a refill. They also ship in recyclable boxes.

8. Proctor & Gamble has committed to reducing packaging of its products by 20% and doubling its use of recycled resins in its CPG packaging. They also say they will ensure 90% of their packaging is recyclable. 

9. RMS Beauty eliminates toxic chemicals from its beauty products. Their packaging is packaged in glass or recyclable containers that are better for the planet.

10. Seed Phytonutrients makes environmentally friendly hair, face, and body products. This company has created a shower-friendly bottle made of recycled paper products. This innovative CPG packaging reduces plastic use by 60%.

McDonalds sign.
But these aren’t the only brands making waves with a more sustainable footprint; Unilever and General Mills have also signed up. That’s good news for consumers, the CPG brand, and the environment.

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