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Why It Pays for CPG Brands to Choose Sustainable Packaging

Zero waste, plastic free and eco friendly stamps.

There are many reasons to choose sustainable packaging for your CPG brand. These options reduce waste, are better for the environment, and increase sales. Customers who are environmentally conscious consider this socially responsible and will be more likely to tell others about your products.

Using sustainable packaging gives your business a return on investment. Research shows consumers are willing to pay more for products from sustainable companies. In 2018, the goal statements of 400 of the largest businesses in the world reported their sustainability goals were more than twice what they had been in previous years.

Company performance was cited as the reason for this increase. Stakeholders were showing an interest in sustainability.

Benefits of Using Sustainable Packaging

Using sustainable packaging provides several benefits to your CPG brand.

Protect the Environment

Sustainable packaging shows your commitment to protecting the environment. This creates value for your consumers and in society as a whole. This is especially relevant since some shoppers are only buying products from companies committed to sustainability.

Increase Retailer Options

Sustainable CPG packaging gives you more retailer options. Customers want sustainability, and retailers want to give it to them. This means less waste, a decrease in plastic contamination, and more recyclable materials for consumers.

Adding a label to the packaging describing how to recycle it helps customers make more responsible buying decisions. This will help retailers increase their revenue, which will help build awareness of your brand.

Recyclable materials.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Sustainable packaging decreases your carbon footprint. Fewer greenhouse gas emissions means a reduction in natural disasters and global warming.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Sustainable CPG packaging also lowers shipping costs. Responsibly sourced materials like seaweed and paper fibers are being used to form strong, lightweight packing materials.

The strength of these fibers decreases the amount of packing needed for each product and provides protection to the products inside. Fewer materials means less money is spent on packaging.

Lead the Way

Using sustainable packaging can make you a leader in your industry. Consumers support sustainability on every level and will spread the word about your CPG brand to other customers who are also environmentally conscious. This will prompt other businesses to join you in your efforts to preserve the environment.

Promote Good Health

Many sustainable packaging materials are allergen and toxin-free. Using biodegradable plastics, for example, gives consumers safer and healthier options. Consider this when choosing CPG packaging materials, and include it on your labeling.

Choosing the Right Sustainable Packaging Materials

Choose the right CPG packaging to fit the product.

Always select top-quality packaging materials. When making the change to sustainable packaging, you will be presented with multiple options. Those you choose should suit the product without sacrificing quality.

Customers are paying more attention to the types of sustainable materials used for CPG packaging. As reported by McKinsey in 2020, between 57% and 60% cite paper, glass, and paperboard as very good options. This shows a commitment to making long-term decisions that will positively impact the future.

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