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4 Ways This Big Brand Blew It on Twitter

A lot of brands are "listening to the need" on social media like Twitter to try and engage new consumers... but are they doing it right? Your brand can learn from T-Mobile's mistakes.

Sprint & T-Mobile duke it out on Twitter... but without a clear winner.In business - and in life - sometimes there's a thin difference between aggressive and obnoxious.

T-Mobile crossed that line.

Late last week, Sprint tweeted about their new package that provides subscribers unlimited data, as well as an annual phone upgrade.

Some Sprint customers were upset that package pricing and ingredients were shifting.

Given the size of Sprint's customer base, it's natural that some would be displeased, and complaints about Sprint's speed and lack of LTE are common. Evidently, T-Mobile was strategically eavesdropping on this thread, and proactively reached out to dissatisfied tweeters.

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