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5 Must-Follow Pinterest Users

I admit it: I'm addicted. I've been called out by my coworkers for having a Pinterest tab religiously kept open at all times, for going on late night pinning benders and for getting startlingly defensive when people slam my favorite social network. As a designer, It's become an indispensable tool. Never have I been able to find such a wealth of inspiration AND been given the means to creatively and effectively organize visuals in such a convenient and fun way. If you think Pinterest is just a knitting circle for brides-to-be and the crafting-obsessed, maybe you just aren't following the right people. So here's a list of my favorite pinners that will breathe some life into your feed no matter your style:

Jeremy Pruitt - Pinterest
Jeremy Pruitt
Occupation: Artist / Designer founder of thinkmule.com
Location: Colorado
Follow If: You own a hatchet, write letters by hand and drink beer.
Notable Boards: Roughography, Outdoors and Old-Timey, Vintage Beer

David Shultz - Pinterest
David Shultz
Occupation: Creative Director and Founder of Perspective Lab
Location: San Francisco
Follow If: You love modernism, photography, travel and industrial design.
Notable Boards: Seriously, all of them. Shultz's boards are so well organized (20th century design by decade and country, Interior design by room) you'll have no trouble pinpointing your specific interest

artnau - Pinterest
Occupation: Art inspiration blogger at artnau.com
Location: Barcelona
Follow If: You're a hipster, fashionista, painter, have tattoos, or want to be cooler than everyone else at work.
Notable Boards: Tattoo, Style
(NOTE: There are a few boards that are a bit nsfw. Be warned if you're not ok with occasional tasteful nudity)
Angela Priscilla - Pinterest
Angela Wheeler
Occupation: Crafter, Mommy blogger
Location: Wisconsin
Follow If: You've got a twisted sense of humor, are obsessed with mid-century kitsch or will watch anything "In Technicolor"
Notable Boards: Mid-Century Foodie, Low-Brow Art, Space Cadet

Liz Schwartz - Pinterest
Liz Schwartz
Occupation: VP, Creative Director at PKG*
Location: Chicago
Follow if: You buy products based on the packaging, take pictures of all your food and have a love affair with good design.
Notable Boards: Food Porn, Freshness, Packaging

(*Yeah I know we're patting ourselves on the back here. But seriously, check out our Pinterest page. There's some great stuff we want to share.)


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