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7-11 Rebrands To Target Health-Conscious Millennials

So you keep hearing about the need to speak to the millennial audience? 7-11 has found a way to do just that with their new concept in NYC. This approach to their shopping experience feels fresh and friendly.

7-11 tries a new concept to target millennial shoppers

From Big Gulp to Big Salad: the world's largest chain of convenience stores is trying a fresh approach to its brand.

Fetid with grease, a wrinkled hotdog rotating endlessly underneath a dessicating heat lamp. The slime green nozzle of a Slurpee machine, clenching and then heaving its bowels into the bottomless maw of a Big Gulp. Sound familiar? All of these iconic hallmarks of the 7-Eleven experience might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new store redesign that attempts to emphasize healthier living.

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