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Ageless and timeless: packaging for boomers

Baby Boomers are trying to stay on top of trends even as they enter their so-called “twilight years” and are needing more medical and health related products. Package design is having to change to a more fresh and youthful appearance to keep the consumers interested.

As the Baby Boomer population grows, brands relevant to their demographic use youthful packaging that highlights health and wellness, without emphasizing age. In early September, Apple introduced the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Naturally, the world was buzzing with the news, but what exactly is the defining difference? The Apple Watch helps consumers manage their health, which is of particular interest to aging populations like Baby Boomers. Even disruptive brands like Apple are seeing value in expanding their target audience to include Baby Boomers, in addition to Millennials. With its youthful ad campaigns and cutting-edge products, Apple doesn’t feel like a Boomer-centric brand, but it does make consumers of all ages feel cool and intentionally included in their tribe.

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