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Authenticity and Transparency

You've heard the phrase "fake it til you make it"? Unfortunately it doesn't apply to the key trends of authenticity and transparency. The key is to BE authentic, not to sound it...

Tom Fishburne's Marketoonist - Authenticity & TransparencyAuthenticity and transparency are two of the biggest marketing buzzwords right now (and have been gaining steam for a while). Nearly every case study and talk coming out of Cannes last week seemed to reference authenticity as a theme.

Like any marketing bandwagon, some brands are applying the lessons superficially at best. There's a difference between sounding authentic and being authentic. Brands can't fake authenticity, at least not for long.

It will take more than a Southern accent for British Petroleum to redeem its image in the Gulf states. BP has taken a lot of heat for its current campaign, trumpeting "the best tourism season in years." Many have called it BP propaganda.

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