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Brand positioning vs brand stories: too many cereals and not enough zombies

Rather than position your brand against competition, create a compelling story. Brand stories capture our imagination in ways that straightforward messages and data can’t.

Brand's can improve their consumer experience by interpreting their positioning as a storyIn Ries and Trout’s pioneering theory of brand positioning the aim is to cut through the noise of ‘me-too’ products to establish a window or niche in the consumers mind. The metaphor always left me with an uncomfortable sensation of a growing number of windows and a shrinking amount of space in which to fit them.

In 1981 when Ries and Trout’s bestseller was published (Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind) few can have truly foreseen the true extent to which our attention would be fought over with the growth of the Internet, wireless devices and the explosion of social media.

Yet we are soaking up—and sharing—relentless streams of information. Most of us are ‘wired in’ every minute of our waking lives and happy to be so. The difference is that the dialogue is truly two-way and open-ended. The consumer is rapidly becoming king and it is the nature of the story that rules.

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