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Some of the Cannabis Packaging Compliance Requirements You Need to Know

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The cannabis market is growing exponentially. In 2020, its value was $101.48 billion, a number that is expected to reach $297.51 billion by 2026.

When marketing cannabis products, you must meet stringent regulations. Packaging guidelines are among compliance stipulations. Here are some of the most commons ones you need to know.

Why Packaging Matters

State cannabis regulators work hard to ensure cannabis products are out of the hands of minors. Cannabis packaging is a crucial part of this complex process.

Meeting these regulations means navigating an ever-changing landscape. Each state has individual laws regarding cannabis, with most states consistently updating and revising their rules.

This occurs the most with the labeling and packaging of cannabis products. If you want to do business in multiple states, you must remain compliant in all those locations at the same time. This can be overwhelming if the rules change in two or more states simultaneously.

Many states require you to place cannabis products in child-resistant pouches or bags that are opaque. Some dispensaries are rethinking this because many consumers were reportedly removing the product and placing it in a different type of container.

The goal of many dispensaries is to offer packaging that is both safe and attractive while meeting regulations. Customizing packaging allows for branding space in a challenging market.

Packaging Features

Aesthetics and functionality are a couple of aspects to consider when choosing how you will package your cannabis products. The design element enables you to be creative and generate brand awareness. Child-resistant containers are essential for meeting cannabis packaging compliance.

Your packaging can meet both these requirements, giving customers safe containers that look great. These unique packages are customizable, enabling you to meet all regulation and branding goals at once.

Cannabis packaging needs to be efficient and sustainable. Reducing waste has become essential to both manufacturers and consumers.

There are multiple reasons to reduce waste in your cannabis product packaging. Reusable materials are easy to obtain. This can lead to net gain over the long term when appropriately implemented.

Low-cost solutions are also a lucrative option. These can also be efficient while meeting regulations but will appeal to customers because they won’t break the bank.

Cannabis oils and creams.

Other Requirements

Though the exact cannabis packaging requirements will vary by state, some are common in multiple areas. Check with all the states you plan to do business with to ensure compliance.

Correctly labeling your cannabis packaging is imperative. You may need to include the amount of THC in the product and boilerplate statements that inform consumers of the risks and habit-forming properties of cannabis.

Flower packaging needs to be resealable and should estimate the total amount of THC in product per gram. Also include the net weight of flower the package contains.

The label for vaporizer extract products must include a list of all the chemical additives used to manufacture the cannabis product. The label for edibles must provide the total weight of the product and how much THC is present.


Keep in mind states with the same or similar requirements may request different label wording. That’s why it is crucial to thoroughly ensure all compliance measures are taken before marketing your cannabis products.

When choosing how to market your cannabis products, also package for profit. Research indicates consumers prefer custom labels. For example, one report found almost 50% of consumers would like packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Cannabis consumers are developing brand and manufacturer loyalty. Creating the right packaging that keeps them well informed is a great way to build trust.

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