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Turning Heads, Filling Carts: How Effective Packaging Fuels Sales

how effective packaging fuels sales

Effective packaging isn’t just a pretty face for your brand. It’s a potential game-changer in driving sales. Packaging sends a message to your customers about who you are and what your products can deliver. 

The Shopper's Journey and Packaging

Packaging influences each step of the shopper's journey, from awareness to purchase.

Packaging design guides the shopper in their decision-making about your product. 

Eye-catching and well-designed packaging grabs the shopper’s attention on the shelf or online. It is often the first point of contact between a product and a potential customer. 

As the shopper considers what to buy, the packaging conveys information about the product such as its benefits, features, and ingredients. This helps the shopper make a decision. It helps shoppers differentiate your product from similar products. 

Finally, as the shopper moves toward a purchase, elements such as ease of use and sustainability come into play. 

Real-world packaging leaves a lasting impression in a shopper’s mind. 

Visual Engagement: The First Step

Packaging design elements can capture the attention of your customers. There are many different visual elements to consider, including: 

  • Color schemes that are visually appealing to your audience - certain colors inspire certain emotions in your audience 
  • Branding and logos to build trust and consistency 
  • Imagery that tells a story about your product 
  • Key product information so that consumers know what they are buying
  • Texture and interactive packaging to further engage consumers 
  • Ecological elements such as lightweight or recycled packaging 

Working with a company such as PKG allows you to better understand your audience and to craft your packaging around the customer’s needs. 

girl picking items at a supermarket

Functional Appeal: Beyond Looks

When you’re trying to boost sales think beyond looks and messaging. Other features of your packaging such as ease of use and convenience also contribute to a package’s success. For instance, your packaging might be: 

  • Easy to open 
  • Resealable 
  • Single portion 
  • Lightweight 
  • Combining products for customer convenience 

The functional appeal of your packaging can work to help you achieve real-world packaging success. 

PKG’s Consumer First® Strategy

What is effective packaging? Using PKG's Consumer First® strategy, you can learn exactly how to appeal to consumers, making your packaging more effective in driving sales. This strategy includes: 

  • Starting with the customer. Understand how your product presents on store shelves. 
  • Doing a brand audit to understand how your visual assets communicate to the customer. 
  • Dialogue with consumers through panels and consumer chatter 
  • Translating these ideas into a clear message that catches the audience’s attention 

opening a delivery box


Visually-appealing packaging that communicates a clear message: that’s what your company needs in its packaging design. Packaging shapes a shopper’s journey, and you need to consider how you’re combining visual appeal and functional design to create effective packaging. 

Effective packaging tells consumers about your brand - often in few words. It helps your company encourage customers to make a purchase. With PKG's Consumer First® strategy, we work with you and your customers to create packaging that clearly communicates who you are as a brand.

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