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Capturing the "Coffee Moment" with Senseo

There's a moment I experience when I take my first sip of coffee in the morning... a moment of relaxation, relief and satisfaction. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee billows out of the cup as I slowly inhale and take a sip. That feeling, is half the reason to drink a cup of fresh coffee in the morning.

Senseo Coffee Packaging - PKG 2011

That feeling, that morning "coffee moment" is exactly what we worked to capture when we were tasked with refreshing the Senseo brand coffee packaging. Senseo, the original single-serve coffee brand, has long been a high-quality product but the packaging didn't necessarily reflect a modern sense of premium.

Senseo Single Serve Coffee - Sara Lee
Unfortunately the brand was spun off from it's corporate owners before this refresh could come out in the market but it's work we're proud of nonetheless.


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