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CPG Packaging Trends to Watch in 2022

2021 trends

The right CPG packaging design enhances the shopper experience. It delivers a positive sales message by prompting consumers to buy the product based on appearance and functionality.

Great design and the right packaging trends can make all the difference for startups. As Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder of Skift.com, said, “Use design to punch above your weight…”

Ali’s comment was referring to how fledgling companies can use design to compete against large enterprises.

Use this same idea for your CPG brand. You have the ability to be more creative and agile as you go up against the larger companies because you have fewer corporate constraints.

The packaging industry is constantly evolving. With a new year approaching, here are some packaging trends that will continue producing positive results for your brand.

Optimize Your Creativity

Creativity will make your CPG packaging stand out. This will make your brand cutting edge and help you compete with larger companies.

Include illustrations, photography or go for a retro look. There are no boundaries for what you can do to create a functional design that your brand can own.

Another option is to use white space to your advantage. This is also referred to as negative space and will give your packaging a modern, clean appearance. This helps contrast your brand from others that use cluttered designs.

Use Straightforward Messaging

Use your marketing copy to create clear, straightforward messaging. This cuts through the clutter of marketing jargon that consumers may not understand.

Instead, use short sentences or bullet copy to provide information about the product. This can include key ingredients like 100% juice, certifications like Gluten Free, or a description of what the product does. Keep the tone casual and conversational to better relate to your shoppers.

Connect Your Packaging

QR codes have become a popular part of modern packaging. These serialized codes set each product apart from all the others.

Place QR codes on your CPG packaging to communicate specific information to your consumers that is relevant to each individual package. QR codes allow you to:

  • Validate product authenticity to let consumers know the product is not counterfeit;
  • Provide traceable data so consumers will know the origin of their product;
  • Communicate marketing messages specific to the buyer characteristics, geographical location, and the current date; and
  • Collect demographic data to help with market research. 

Shopping in a grocery store.

Design for Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce

Design your CPG packaging for placement in brick and mortar stores as well as E-Commerce sites. Consider online situations where shoppers are unable to physically hold the package.

Simplify your packaging with large fonts and single colors. Direct marketing copy and a creative appearance will also go a long way for both purchasing situations.

Tell a Story

Tell a story about your product on the packaging. This is what is often called “storyselling,” and is a strategy that brands are using in their marketing strategies.

Use images on your packaging to help tell the story, coupled with sayings that go along with the images. Your stories can be serious, funny, or informative.

The purpose of a story is to grab the attention of shopper by resonating with them. It’s a great technique for making your entire brand memorable.


Shoppers pay close attention to CPG packaging. According to research, 72% of consumers say product packaging design often influences purchasing decisions, while 67% say the materials used are also a deciding factor.

The right packaging shows creativity and tells them about the brand. This builds customer loyalty and trust and ensures repeat purchases.

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