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Designing Cannabis Packaging That Reflects Your Brand's Voice


Brand voice distinguishes your products from others through messaging. Shoppers look for certain features when making purchase decisions, and this process often begins with CPG packaging.

Think of your brand's voice as its personality. It sets you apart from the competition and makes your brand recognizable. Research shows 77% of customers use the brand names of products when discussing them with others.

The cannabis industry continues to grow exponentially, with more states legalizing it for medical and recreational use. One unique challenge in this industry is standing out from other cannabis brands.

The packaging you use will serve many purposes and help make your brand more recognizable to customers. Here's how you can use it to develop your brand's voice.

Reflect Your Brand

All your packaging should reflect the different aspects of your cannabis brand. These include your logo, graphics, and fonts.

Your brand colors will also add to the aesthetic of your packaging. These will help communicate your overall messaging to consumers and distinguish your product from others.

Choose the Right Containers

Selecting the right containers for cannabis products helps maintain quality. These containers are also a great way to present the different types of products you offer.

Each type of cannabis container offers benefits for storing products. For example, glass jars are frequently used for storing cannabis flowers and marijuana concentrates that would otherwise stick to other materials.

Mylar bags are among the most popular containers used to store cannabis products. They are light-proof and airtight, two characteristics needed to protect your product and preserve quality.

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Consider Your Demographic

Understanding your demographic is key when developing your brand voice. You need to communicate to your potential consumers and those who are already buying your products using their language.

Think of details such as age or a particular group you are marketing to when choosing your CPG packaging. For example, the packaging and messages for medical and recreational marijuana products would look very different.

Sustainability is a major concern for many customers today. They are turning to products with biodegradable packaging rather than those made of materials that aren't environmentally friendly.

Your packaging should also include compliance information. Cannabis laws differ from state to state. These regulations include information such as specific details that must be incorporated into the package, restrictions on package appearance, and required disclaimers.

Guidelines can also change regularly, and keeping up with them is essential. Be flexible and come up with a plan for implementing changes should they suddenly occur.

Develop Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice should be consistent across all types of communications. This includes your logo, graphics, images, videos, and text content.

Use this content to develop a tone that tells consumers about your products and brand values. Make sure the verbiage on your packaging, website, and social media platforms speaks specifically about your brand. Research reveals 82% of consumers feel good about a brand when reading customized content.

Use your brand voice to create a dialog with loyal customers. You can do this through social media, where they can directly ask questions and share feedback.

Ensure the consistency of your communications by adhering to the voice you have created on your packaging. This will build brand awareness and create customer loyalty.

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