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Glass Jars Are Making a Comeback -- Here's Why

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on March 07, 2019 in package design

Glass containers were used in Southeast Asia as long ago as 100 BCE. In America, settlers in Jamestown built a glass melting furnace in the early 1600s. Glass as a container for foods and beverages is ideal even in the 21st century, when countless other container options are available.

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Compostable vs. Biodegradable Packaging: How Are They Different?

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on October 17, 2018 in package design

Sustainability is a concept that brands in just about every industry are paying attention to these days. Consumers are more concerned about sustainability of both products and packaging, and the brands that address these concerns stand to strengthen their relationships with consumers.

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3D Printing and Food Packaging Design: What the Future Holds

While 3D printing may not have been in the news in 2017 as much as it was in prior years, that does not mean that the technology has stalled.

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Color and Imagery Snag Top Spots in Consumer Package Preferences

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 08, 2018 in packaging, package design, cpg packaging, CPG

No one disputes the importance of great packaging design, but what specifically about packaging designs make products stand out from competitors? Does packaging design matter in the same ways depending on whether products are located on the store shelf or on an e-commerce website? 

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Packaging for E-Commerce: Not Your Grandfather's Corrugated Box

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on December 26, 2017 in package design, ecommerce

E-commerce has changed everything, including how products are packaged. Some brands have leaped in and redesigned packaging specifically for the world of e-commerce, but many have simply stuck with packaging designs they have always used – designs which may have been created to fit rigid retail shelf specifications. 

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Convenient Packaging a Top Priority for Snackers

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on December 18, 2017 in packaging, package design, snacking

Food consumption is done differently than it was a generation or two ago. Flexible and non-traditional work schedules and difficulty getting multiple family members’ schedules in sync mean that the family meal together is more the exception than the rule.

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How Food Packaging Design Influences Consumer Taste

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on November 20, 2017 in packaging, package design

Although aspects of the human sensory system are assigned to different categories (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch), it is rare to experience one form of sensory input to the exclusion of the others. The use of multiple senses is how humans learn to navigate the world from early childhood, and it does not go away just because we become educated and use rational thinking more frequently.

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Packaging Design Optimization Leads to Greater Sustainability

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on June 26, 2017 in package design

Balancing product protection with packaging sustainability requires different techniques with different retail channels. For brand owners, this increasingly means packaging products for a specific sales channel, whether that is retail or e-commerce. Sustainability requires different approaches for different sales channels, which means the entire packaging paradigm is shifting.

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PMMI Report Highlights Current Consumer Packaging Design Priorities

It is fortunate that supply chains are becoming shorter and technology is making advances in consumer packaging design, because consumers are demanding more and more from packaging design as time goes on. The sheer quantity of data to which they have access about the foods they eat and other products they buy means that they are making choices based on more factors than the traditional ones of price, convenience, and taste. 

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Consumer Demand and Manufacturing Costs Drive Flexible Packaging Trends

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on May 30, 2017 in packaging, package design

Flexible packaging is appearing on store shelves for an increasing number and variety of favorite consumer packaged goods. Everything from pet food to baking ingredients to cosmetics can be found in flexible packaging, and more consumer products are shifting to it because of both consumer and producer preferences.  

Consumers like that flexible packaging keeps their (and their furry friends’) food fresh with minimal effort.

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