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Flippin' good wine in a can

With a simple change in packaging, an entirely new audience can be interested in a product that had never crossed their minds.


Flipflop wines has taken its taken its collection of varietals launched in 2011 and packaged four of them in aluminum cans for enhanced portability and expanded usage occasions--the beach, the pool, the golf course, etc. Varieties include California Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, and its new Fizzy Crisp White and Fizzy Sangria, with light carbonation.

"We think wine should be a fun and casual experience, and many Millennials feel the same way," says flipflop winemaker James Foster. "The cans allow drinkers to enjoy the wine almost anywhere, and they take wine to places bottles can't go. Cans also offer other advantages--they're easy to open, chill quickly, and hold temperature well."

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