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How Does Countertop Display Packaging Influence CPG Sales?

Grocery shopping.

Many shoppers make impulse purchases while standing in line at the checkout counter. The CPG packaging used for the items on display can influence buyer decisions.

The items placed in countertop displays are designed to grab the attention of customers. If packaged correctly, they can be hard to resist.

Boost Countertop Display Sales with Your CPG Packaging

Countertop displays enable packaging and brands to stand out. They provide a great opportunity to introduce your brand to the impulse buyer, so you can use them as your secret weapon. Research shows 79% of impulse buyers make their purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

A shopper can go from browsing to buying items from countertop displays very quickly. These are called point of purchase or (POP) displays. The packaging should look contemporary and modern.

  • Use sleek materials that are at least somewhat strong and transparent. This gives the customer an opportunity to see at least part of the product inside.
  • Make sure the printing on the product packaging is easy to read. Some products are instantaneously recognizable because customers have been buying them for years. Others are not so easy to figure out and need an eye-catching logo or printing to provide important information.
  • Use premium packaging materials. These are aesthetically pleasing and will grab the customer’s attention right away. People like the look and feel of high-quality materials and tend to associate them with the quality of the product inside.
  • Make sure your supplier is reliable and knows the industry. You need someone you can trust who has the expertise and experience to market your product correctly.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Packaging for POP Displays

Choose sustainable packaging. This can interest customers as much as the product inside. Those who are environmentally conscious will appreciate this attention to detail.

Choosing biodegradable paperboard, for example, supports sustainability and provides a high-quality CPG packaging material. This is also in keeping with the trend to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging.

Candy aisle in a store.

Use Packaging that Reflects Your Brand

Packaging decisions are a big part of product marketing. Customers see what is on the outside first, so you want that to reflect your brand.

Your supplier should be knowledgeable about the available options and provide competitive pricing. They can help manage the entire process from briefing to delivery.

Choose CPG packaging that is unique. Countertop displays are a great form of in-store marketing. How your product looks on the display can sway customers, so your CPG packaging should stand out. 

You want customers to connect with your product. Unique packaging can help create that connection. The package should include your brand logo, the product picture, or something else that sets it apart from other similar products. 

POP displays really do make a difference for in-store sales. Research shows in large stores, 74% of customer decisions are made in-store rather than in advance. This number slightly drops to 70% in grocery stores, with 68% being impulse buys.

The key is for impulse buyers to have them add your product into their shopping cart at the last minute, so you may only have a few seconds to capture their attention.

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