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Innovative Packaging Ideas for Products in 2023

Packaging leaves a lasting impression about your brand. It helps define who you are as a company, and it can tell consumers a lot about you and your products. Cogent Supplies reports in a recent study that 94% of first impressions are related to design, while one third of consumer decisions are based solely on CPG packaging.

There are many different types of packaging designs. Each provides a unique look and benefits. Here are some innovative ideas to consider in 2023.

Why Innovative Packaging Matters

CPG packaging, like other industries, is constantly changing. Think of packaging design as a marketing tool. As new designs are adopted, brands need to adjust their advertising to implement them into their own products.

Innovative packaging will get consumers’ attention. Unique designs make your brand stand out on store shelves and play significant roles in consumers' buying decisions.

Your brand has a lot of competition. You can be decipherable from other companies by creating CPG that's different. Keep an eye on your competition and glean ideas from what’s around you. Regularly exploring current packaging design trends will also help you create functional, unique designs.

Innovation will help grow your consumer base, build your brand, and ensure others notice your products. Here are ways to be more innovative when coming up with new CPG packaging designs.

Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging comes in a few forms. It can be made of sustainable materials that can be completely recycled and reused to create other materials, or packaging consumers can reuse themselves rather than throw away. One example of this is to package a beverage in a reusable glass with a lid that can be used over and over again.

Choose fun designs for your reusable packaging. This will encourage consumers to use their imaginations when coming up with ideas on how they'll reuse it.

Some types of reusable packaging may be obvious, like the drinking glass mentioned above. However, premium boxes and sturdy containers can have endless uses. Consumers are more likely to want to keep packaging if it looks especially creative or lends itself to interesting storage options. For instance, a box with multiple sections can be used to store jewelry and other small items, while sturdy containers can hold pens, paperclips, and other office supplies.

Recycle symbol.

That Extra Touch

Add an extra touch to your CPG packaging to make it stand out. Even if you're using a standard packaging design like a corrugated cardboard box, that special twist can make all the difference to your consumers.

Twists can include bright-colored paper labels or a jar lid with a unique design. The key is to use materials, colors, printing, etc. that consumers can’t miss when walking down store aisles.

Consider using uniquely shaped bottles, jars, or other containers. Consumers will recognize your brand logo and anything signature to your products while also noticing the new packaging design.

Focus On Design

Focusing on your packaging design will speak volumes to consumers. It will show them how dedicated you are to standing out from the competition. It will also represent your brand values, consumer satisfaction, and sustainability.

Create premium CPG packaging that will communicate the quality of the product inside. Putting the packaging design on the same level as the product itself, then adding this design to your marketing strategy from the beginning, will make your brand stand out.

Appealing packaging that stands out will be displayed in consumers' homes. This will enable the product to be visible to visitors and garner your brand more attention.

Make It Fun

Fun CPG packaging appeals to people of all ages. Bright colors and unique shapes work when implemented correctly.

Packaging designs for children’s products is typically bold, while fun packaging for adults is more subtle. The wine industry is a great example of fun packaging with designs that include animals like frogs, penguins, and horses.

These animals are featured on the labels and add character to the CPG packaging. This incorporates a fun element into the product and makes it stand out on store shelves.

Stocking a warehouse.

Merge Concepts

Merging concepts together can give you an edge on your competition. A great example of this is beer packaged in aluminum bottles. This beverage is offered in both glass bottles an aluminum cans, so merging these two concepts to create an aluminum bottle stands out.

The aluminum bottle looks great and is fully recyclable. This also makes it a sustainable option for CPG packaging.


Innovative packaging keeps brands fresh in the minds of consumers. Many purchasing decisions today are based on values like quality, functionality, and sustainability. In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggested packaging waste accounted for nearly 30% of garbage.

Consumers want to know what materials are being incorporated into modern packaging designs. They're also looking for brands whose CPG packaging stands out because unique packaging leads to unique products.

Innovative packaging design shows a brand’s dedication to satisfying consumers and giving them what they want. For instance, many consumers expect premium products to come in premium packaging. This shows the quality of the product and that the brand thought carefully about the design.

Keep up with current CPG packaging trends for ideas on creating innovative designs. This will ensure you're in-tune with what consumers expect and help you remain ahead of the competition.

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