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Lean In Towards Men: The Other Half Of The Shopper Market

As the number of male shoppers continues to rise, your brand might need to bridge the gap to gender-neutral marketing OR find a way to communicate with this new audience.

Understanding male shopping behavior will be necessary as traditional gender roles blur.

Marketing articles often refer to the ubiquitous "she" consumer and shopper, simply assuming that men are not a factor in most shopping occasions.

Yet while women continue to do most of the shopping, spending more of their own money, men certainly are an active target market given evolving gender roles and the fact that more people today now live alone. While certain male-focused categories such as personal care--which is reaching $5-6 billion in spending--have developed over the last decade, it's still common for men to be an under-served and untapped market. Some marketers are recognizing this outage and spending more time and marketing dollars focused on understanding what men want to get beyond the traditional women 18-65 year old consumer demographic.

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