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Mobiles, Millennials and 'IndieWomen': Supermarket Guru explores what's big in 2014

CPGs need to amp up their mobile activation and social media efforts in 2014 to keep up with consumers. With at least 1/3 of consumers utilizing their mobile phones from within the grocery story the smart players will make their brands mobile experience easier and richer.

With 1/3 of consumers using their mobile phones during grocery shopping trips, the experience is destined to go mobile

Mobile devices continue to fuel consumer demand for increased transparency; more convenience; and quick, easy opportunities to be social. Expect continued emphasis on technology and social media as trend-savvy, authenticity-minded Millennials start having families of their own, along with a call for healthy, convenient foods from the growing influencer segment known as IndieWomen, according to "Supermarket Guru" Phil Lempert's top consumer trends for 2014.

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