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Packaging As Important As Preference When It Comes To Picking Snacks

New research shows that eye-catching design through packaging and branding is as important as consumer preference. Packaging and visual cues have a tremendous impact on consumer choices.

Packaging and Branding Can Make the Difference For Consumers - Photo by Todd Dwyer

While most people know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, few bring this adage to the grocery store. Here, decisions are often made on the basis of appearance alone -- at least if you trust a new study from the University of Miami School of Law, where researchers have determined that packaging and other visual cues can have a tremendous impact on consumer choices.

In a domestic market saturated with branding and advertisement, the every-day shopping environment has come to rely heavily on visual input. A quick glance down the aisles of your local corner store suggests that noticeability is, for better or worse, the name of the game for most companies. The current study, which is published in the journal Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences, sought to investigate how consumers actually interact with this onslaught of visual information.

Senior research scientist and co-author Milica Mormann said in a press release that, when products compete on the shelves, the consumer's eyes must sometimes complement her mind. "When choice options are presented simultaneously, eye movements are considered a good predictor of our economic decisions," she said. "The big idea here is that perceptual processes happen in the brain in parallel with economic value computations and thus influence how economic decisions are made."

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