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Packaging Design Trends That Could Last Into 2023

CPG packaging helps you connect with consumers while sharing your brand message. Knowing which packaging design trends work is crucial to remaining competitive.

Pacdora suggests 72% of American consumers report product packaging as a direct influence on their buying decisions. This places significant importance on making the right CPG packaging decisions.

Here are some current packaging design trends that may continue into 2023. Let's see how they can benefit your designs and business as a whole.

Design for Online

Create your CPG packaging for selling products online as well as on store shelves. More consumers are shopping online than ever before. They need a realistic idea of what your CPG packaging will look like before physically getting it in their hands.

Be sure your packaging design reflects brand values. This is important to many online shoppers. Pacdora also reports at least four out of ten shoppers choose online brands because they use sustainable packaging.

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Choose Handmade Designs

Organic packaging design is extremely popular. A handmade look is preferable because it adds authenticity to the CPG packaging and the brand itself.

Craft paper with black or white printing, for instance, gives the packaging a handcrafted look. This allows you to develop custom designs and truly make it your own.

Go Minimalist

Minimalist packaging is on-trend. This type of packaging design focuses more on what’s inside than the CPG packaging itself.

Minimalist packaging is simple but effective. It consists of a minimal layout comprised of only the necessary details. The color scheme is typically neutral, so consumers can focus on the product rather than the packaging.

Use only the necessary materials for the inside. This shows the care you have taken to create a memorable experience. This type of CPG packaging also appeals to those who strive to cut down on waste.

Add Texture

Textured packaging has become quite popular. Consumers like how certain materials feel in their hands. For example, luxury products typically come in sleek, smooth boxes that are pleasant to hold.

CPG packaging that focuses on touch will connect with consumers by showing the attention to detail that went into the design. How the packaging feels can influence purchasing decisions just as much as how it looks.

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Think Sustainable

Sustainable packaging is important for many consumers. Brands that consider the environment when creating products and making packaging decisions will be favored over others.

Use materials that are recyclable. Paper and cardboard are among the most widely used sustainable materials. Others like bamboo and different types of paper are great choices for inside and outside CPG packaging.


CPG packaging is forever evolving, and consumers are evolving with it. Survey Monkey shows one in three consumers prefer eco-friendly options, so more brands should consider ways to create a more circular economy going forward.

As trends develop, brands should find more ways to engage with consumers to find out what’s really important to them.

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