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Pivot Innovation


When one of our previous clients started a new brand strategy and innovation company, he asked us to create a full complement of brand identity tools from scratch. It’s great when we have an opportunity to create from an entirely blank slate, so we knew this would be a fun project.


We started by seeking to understand the competitive environment, required tonality and clichés that existed within the world of innovation. We developed several creative directions and worked directly with the client to narrow into a new visual space. Playing off the sense of organic motion, we created a look to capture a sense of organized chaos.


The brains behind PIVOT come from the brand marketing side, and PIVOT’s reason for being is to essentially strip away the fluff around brand innovation and brand strategy, boiling it down to its essence in easily-understood language. So we sought to create a look and feel that mirrors that ethos: a personal approach that takes the consumer’s point of view.


By combining a hand-drawn, personal touch with digitally-created elements that are still approachable, we created a brand identity that includes type, logo, new business presentation, stationery, business cards, and a host of graphic treatments and elements that can be used across the full complement of marketing communications. Branding elements we’ve created have also been used on the brand’s website and in other electronic formats.


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