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Snack packs: Re-sealable features hold premium promise

"Re-sealable snack pouches have a higher aesthetic appeal and improved functionality", but may not be right for all products.


Velcro-like closures and re-sealable zippers are widely used in the fresh and frozen food market, but Hood Packaging and Sixto Packaging think there's plenty of scope in some areas of the snack market.

"The opportunity lies in the higher-end products like good-for-you products, nuts or packages where you're not going to eat the whole thing like share bags or high-end candy," said Rick Wood, sales and marketing manager for US Consumer Group at Hood Packaging.

"You've got your products that are typically in a stand-up pouch where you eat some and save the rest for later. It would be for your more premium products, not for potato chips," he said.

Bosch previously told this site stand-up, "re-sealable snack pouches had a higher aesthetic appeal and improved functionality"...

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