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The Era of The Young: Fresh Brands Challenging Older Businesses

Historically older brands win with assurance by manufacturers pushing the "why you can trust us". Today, fresh brands pull consumers in as solutions are commonly "bottom-up" vs. "top down" from big brands. Today's user reviews are chipping away at the value that big brand assurance provides.

Challenger Brands can convey instant brand trust - PKGNow that the world strives for fresher, more specific approaches to address current issues, newly-born brands sometimes do a way better than recognized ones. In the era of start-ups, smart instant solutions turn to be much more effective—it’s explained by their nature, since most often they are incepted as a response to a problem. Inspired by the latest report entitled “Clean Slate Brands” by the international consumer trends firm trendwatching.com, this article focuses on the theme of so-called “challenger brands” that seem to be growing even more powerful and attention-grabbing than leading brands. What is the reality of the “fresh brands” in the market that has been ruled for years by established big businesses? Why do these new brands emerge? What can older brands learn from the newcomers? Find some suggestion below.

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