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The Traditional Purchase Funnel Is Kaput

Consumers are overwhelmed by choice and with the continued evolution of technology, making purchase decisions in new ways. Understanding that the purchase funnel is more complex than ever is KEY to connecting with consumers in motivating ways.

The consumer purchase funnel is evolving in new ways.

Why does a shopper choose Brand A toothpaste off a supermarket shelf or click the orange "Add to Cart" button under Brand B flat-screen TV on Amazon.com? If you sampled or “liked” a new brand of cookie last weekend at Costco—but didn’t buy, knowing your pantry cookie jar is full—might that positive taste and experience inform your decision on your next visit when the jar is empty?

For years, marketers have explained the process of consumer choice narrowing from multiple purchase options down to one with the purchase funnel, a model theorizing that decisions are formed in a linear fashion from awareness, to interest, desire and, finally, purchase. Advertising, in various media, shaped opinion along the way.

But I think the funnel is kaput. The psychology of choice is widely agreed to be far more complex, and far less linear.

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