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Toleriane Ultra Skincare in Bag-in-Bottle System

Toleriane released their new lotion in a unique bag-in-bottle system. The container uses an airless pump bottle, a copolyester, and an inner product container bag. All of these are semiopaque to add protection, while still allowing visual inspection of the products by manufacturers as well as consumers. These types of bag-in-bottle systems could implemented across a variety of products such as cosmetics, perishables, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Toleriane Ultra, a skincare cosmetic from La Roche-Posay, provides soothing care to hypersensitive and allergic skin. Its packaging combines a bag-in-bottle system with an airless pump to protect the lotion from oxidation, drying out and penetration of contaminants. The bag-in-bottle system consists of a clear copolyester bottle and a DuPont Surlyn transparent inner bag with an additional oxygen barrier layer. The design is a joint effort between DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers and pharmaceutical and cosmetic plastics packaging company Gaplast. The transparency of all the materials used means the contents can be checked at any time, keeping the consumer informed about the state and amount of the product remaining in the container. The packaging allows the bag to be almost completely emptied, avoiding unwanted product wastage while the external shape of the bottle remains unchanged.

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