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Transparent packaging clearly impacts eating habits

Do you eat more when you see more? A new study shows that consumers can be heavily influenced by transparency in food packaging structures.

Transparent windows in food packaging can increase consumer consumptionAn industry study shows consumers respond positively to food packaging that gives a clear view of the edibles inside.

The study, published in the American Marketing Assn.'s Journal of Marketing, was conducted by Prof. Xiaoyan Deng of Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, and Prof. Raji Srinivasan of McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin.

Study subjects

The project put subjects in the experimental study in front of a television. The environment makes sense; research shows approximately 70% of all snack products are consumed in front of the telly.

Then, researchers told subjects they would be reviewing ads running during episodes of a popular sitcom. The participants were fortified with a range of snack foods to nosh on-some in transparent bags, others in opaque.

You might have guessed the study focused on the food, not the ads. Researchers measured the contents of hte bag before handing them out, and after viewing sessions.

"We measured food consumption," said Prof. Deng. "We didn't just get people's attitudes."

Clear influence

The findings indicated the transparency of food packaging influences snacking habits in different ways. The response to the clear packaging depended on the size, visual appear and healthfulness of the food inside.

Read more from the source: FoodProductionDaily.com


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