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Tylenol - Using Structure to Improve Merchandising

We were wandering the aisles of our local Costco the other day (I know, total madhouse during the holidays) when we came across this new Tylenol package.

New tylenol packaging - PKG
It's hard not to love the improvements:

  • Reduced packaging (no outer carton)
  • Easier to maintain the PDP as consumer viewpoint with a squared off bottle
  • Value perception with more product in a smaller space
  • Horizontal merchandising capabilities (with lego-like stackability!)
  • Cleaner packaging design for easier read
  • On-Pack QR code for additional product information
  • Red bottle color can become ownable within the category

This may not look like much of a change to consumers, but it's an incredibly smart refresh! I hope to see similar structure roll out through grocery, mass. and pharmacy.


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