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Upping the Ante on Luxury Packaging

Packaging is a major factor in a customer's perception of a product. Everything from Typestyle, color, and patterns can drastically effect how your customers value your product and their perception of product quality. Product packaging can quickly make your luxury product appear inferior or vice versa.

Luxury market trends reflect the concept and imagery of feel-good indulgence, but luxury itself is a state of mind: the perception of pleasure derived from the visual and physical experience of a product. To create a state of mind that’s receptive to a brand’s luxury cues, use tools that heighten sensory perceptions including packaging structure, visual cues, color associations, package size and finishes. How a consumer responds to and interprets what he or she sees about a product on first contact is all in the presentation and the context in which it’s presented.

Strip a Paloma Picasso silver ring of its Tiffany box and put it in a white box on the shelf in a 99-cent store. Chances are somebody will be delighted with his or her find, but it’s highly unlikely the person will perceive the ring for what it really is. Context is critical.

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