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Using Your Packaging To Delight Consumers

Packaging is a great place to connect your brand with consumers as the only touchpoint they'll always interact with. One of our favorite ways to engage is through the element of "delight". When packaging can offer a smile, you'll create a memorable brand story and endear consumers to your brand. Using the structure of your package can be a great way to add delight, like in these examples below.

Packaging structures that add value

Unique Packaging Structures Add Value
1 - "Moment Mahl" collapsible-cup packaging for Maggi instant soup offers a small footprint for storage and transportation but turns into a convenient cup.
2 - Shaved Parmesan Pencil by The Deli Garage provides a premium, unexpected experience.

Showcasing a sense of humor through packaging structure

Humor creates engaging packaging structure
3 - Doog "The Sticks" showcase its dog-friendly attitude through product and package.

4 - Designer Nikolo Kerimov develops unique structures with a humorous surprise.

We can help you bring delight to your brand through fun, engaging structures that help you stand out on shelf and generate brand loyalty.


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