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Walmart Tests Neo-GenericBasic Private Brand: Price First

Is Walmart taking us back to the land of generic brands in an attempt to create a value play below "Great Value"? As the #1 retailer in the world this could have BIG implications across retail grocery if this test goes well.

Walmart's New Price First Initiative Rolls out in 5 US markets

In a surprise move that demonstrates an increasing emphasis on Private Brands, Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has begun what appears to be a test of a new extreme valuebasic brand. Price First is featured in a 2-page flyer introducing the brand and it's stark blue and yellow neo-generic packaging with the headline, "Choose our lowest-priced brand for all your grocery staples. Look for it in your store today." The products appear to be moving from existing unbranded or control brand SKUs.

The brand is now being tested in as many as five markets including: Opelousas, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Mobile, Alabama; Greenville, SC and Jeffersonville, Kentucky.

Read more from the source: My Private Brand


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