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What is Compostable Packaging and Who Is Using It?


Consumers value sustainable products. An Accenture survey of 6000 consumers in Asia, Europe, and North America reveals that 83% of consumers value products that provide sustainability. Yet, some brands still don't embrace it.

A large part of product sustainability derives from compostable packaging. CPG brands can really benefit from compostable packaging. When consumers buy a product over and over, they like knowing that the CPG packaging on that product doesn’t hurt the planet.

Read on to learn about compostable packaging and the brands that already benefit from it.

Compostable Packaging Explained

Packaging communicates:

  • Who the brand is.
  • What it stands for.
  • How it stands for it.

Nielsen says that the right packaging commands the power to produce a 5.5% lift in revenue. Well, guess what---compostable packaging is the right packaging that sends a strong message! It creates brand loyalty.


Compostable packaging means that the brand's packaging consists of  “organic” elements. It decomposes into compost which enhances soil texture and plants. Compost also helps to reduce carbon dioxide.

Modern consumers love that compostable packaging helps the planet in these ways.

Compostable packaging defines the modern aesthetic of minimalism. A brand that says that it wants to embrace minimalist packaging means that it wants to embrace modern ideals and look good while doing it. These modern ideas become part of the brand identity.  

This is a win for the Earth and everyone on it.

The following brands show how to benefit from compostable CPG packaging.

Brands That Benefit

Perdue learned about the benefits of compostable packaging when it entered into online sales. The company decided to ship a variety of meat products in a box lined with Green Cell Foam. The foam consists of water-soluble cornstarch that works as compost.  

Perdue customers can also stick it in running water because it safely dissolves down the sink.


• Includes a stylish grocery tote in each order.
• Includes a pack of seeds for birds and butterflies in each order.
• Donates money to the Arbor Day Foundation for each order.


U.S. consumers have expressed a willingness to buy sustainably packaged products with better labeling. Perdue's memorable packaging puts them in synch with the modern consumer. It received a lot of publicity that attracts new consumers plus impresses existing ones.

Bimbo Bakeries also benefits from its commitment to 100% sustainable packaging by 2025. it plans to use plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and single wrappers that are: 

  • compostable
  • recyclable
  • reusable

and will do so across the more than 21 brands that it produces. Bimbo Bakeries has gone to great lengths to develop a humane, green company. It has even earned honors for its efforts.

Now Bimbo Bakeries CPG packaging will reflect its commitment to sustainability which will attract even more consumers.

CPG packaging that presents as a solution to pollution garner a lot of attention from consumers. A lot of attention can result in a lot of profit.  A third of consumers say they will switch to a product that cares about sustainability.

There should be no hesitancy to switch to compostable packaging if it makes sense for your brand.

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Your brand could be next.

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