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Emerging Consumer Packaging Trends for 2017

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on February 20, 2017 in brand

Consumer packaging design is a dynamic, ever-evolving process, and design in 2017 is no exception to that rule. Emerging design trends this year reflect the issues most important to consumers and indicate an increased understanding of the need to address those issues on the part of food manufacturers.

Improving Brand Perception with a Global Audience

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on February 13, 2017 in brand

The increasing globalization of the food and beverage industry presents unique opportunities for food manufacturers and distributors. Evolving technologies in packaging, supply chain management, and communication entice food brands both large and small to venture into international markets to reach a larger consumer base. 

Going global with your food products is both challenging and rewarding.

However, in addition to the advantages that food brands can realize internationally, expanding into foreign lands does come with some significant challenges. Communication issues, cultural differences, and lack of standardized quality control can all create bumps in the road to globalization.

What can food brands do to overcome challenges and present their products to a global audience while avoiding common globalization pitfalls? 

Handling the Quality Control Issues 

Brand Positioning 101: Factors that Matter

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on February 06, 2017 in brand

The Thin Line: Using Cognitive Dissonance in Packaging Design

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 30, 2017 in packaging, package design

Good packaging design requires an understanding of human psychology. Since that is true, those tasked with designing food and beverage packaging must take care to use what they know about human psychology in an effective way while maintaining ethical standards.

Good Packaging: A Step towards Protecting Your Goods

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 24, 2017

In the present era, everyone is very concerned about their health. Good packaging is required not only for attracting customers and elevating the brands, but also for protecting the goods from outside adverse environmental condition during transportation, sale, distribution, storage etc.. Packaging material plays vital role in protecting the goods. No matter whether it is food items or other items, good packaging is required for the hygienic purpose. Only packaging is not enough, choosing material is most important for the type of goods. Apart from these, the weight of the package matters a lot. The lightweight package is always good as it is convenient to carry while traveling. For more info regarding the package, please check below infographic from Direct Packaging Solutions

Online Shopping Trends Raise Need for Better Protective Packaging

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 23, 2017 in packaging

Online grocery shopping is an increasingly big deal. According to data from IBISWorld, online grocery sales are expected to increase 9.5 percent annually to become a $9.4 billion industry in 2017. In a chain reaction of sorts, strong gains in internet shopping are predicted to increase the demand for protective packaging by 4.9 percent per year to a whopping $6.8 billion in 2019.

When Form Meets Function: The Art and Science of Effective Food Packaging

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 16, 2017 in packaging, environmentally friendly

In a typical supermarket, a shopper passes about 600 grocery items per minute. On the grocery shelf, competition for the attention of a consumer is fierce, to say the least. In this environment, when a new product makes its debut on a grocery shelf, excellent packaging design is the difference between a successful product launch and almost certain failure.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: What Consumers Really Want

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 09, 2017 in packaging, eco-friendly

Environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and sustainability are all hot button topics in consumer retail today. The real question is: do these topics really matter to consumers?

Eco-friendly is definitely in.

Two interesting research studies set out to find the answer to this question. Here's what those studies revealed.

Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility polled 30,000 consumers in 60 countries to find out their perception of products based on a company's commitment to corporate social responsibility. 

Getting Ready for the Revised FDA Food Label

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on January 02, 2017 in package design, revised FDA food label

The FDA finalized major revisions to the nutrition label for food and beverages in May, 2016. The announcement, given by Michelle Obama, was received with varying levels of enthusiasm. While federal health officials rejoiced, the food and beverage industry was a bit less enthusiastic, likely due to the significant task that now lies before it.

"Clean Label" Trend Continues ... What Does It Mean for Food Packaging Design?

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on December 26, 2016 in packaging, clean label

While there seems to be no clear consensus about what constitutes "clean label", the movement toward making products that qualify under the large umbrella of clean label foods is definitely making waves in the food and beverage industry.

Consumers are eagerly embracing the concept of "clean" foods.

According to a report by the NPD Group, consumers in 2016 are focusing on foods they consider "real" or "clean". The report notes: "Natural, fresh, preservative-free are attributes they will look for when selecting the foods they eat." 

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