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Simple Change to Johnson & Johnson's Packaging Makes a Big Differences for Parents

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on August 15, 2018 in packaging

Johnson & Johnson baby care products have been household standards for many generations of parents. But parenting styles and preferences change, and even iconic brands can suffer from sticking with what worked before if they don’t appear to be listening to their current, core consumer audience.

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Interest in Tamper-Evident Packaging is Growing: Here's Why

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on August 08, 2018 in packaging design

The first time that tamper-evident packaging became a national safety issue was after the Chicago Tylenol murders in 1982, when seven people died in an outbreak of potassium cyanide poisonings, and several more after copycat crimes took place. 

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Packaging Materials

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on August 01, 2018 in packaging design

Your choice of packaging material for your CPG products should never be an afterthought.

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Overcoming 4 Packaging Challenges During the Online Grocery Boom

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on July 25, 2018 in food packaging

The grocery industry is worth $682 billion per year and employs nearly five million Americans.

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What's Your Typography Saying About Your Brand?

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on July 18, 2018 in brand

The human race has explored new ways to communicate since the development of language, through sound, pictures, and writing. Punches and dies were used in ancient Mesopotamia to regularize text, and highly trained scribes perfected handwritten typefaces up through the invention of movable type in the 15th century. 

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Can a Better Tactile Experience Boost Product Sales?

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on July 11, 2018 in packaging design

Packaging design is the number one tool that brands use to sell their products directly from the store shelves. It can tell a story in many different ways, and the goal is for that instantaneous “story” to result in the consumer transferring the product from the shelf into their shopping basket. 

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5 Characteristics of Smart Packaging

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on July 03, 2018 in food packaging

The concept of “smart packaging” means different things across different industries, and within the many niches of a single industry. In other words, “smart packaging” for a dress shirt means something different than “smart packaging” for ground beef.

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An In-Depth Look at the Psychology of Product Packaging

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on June 27, 2018 in packaging, food packaging

The list of factors that influence consumer buying behavior is practically endless. Not only do the products themselves play a role, but so does the retailer, and factors beyond people’s control, like the weather and traffic.

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Why Color Matters in Food Packaging Design

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on June 20, 2018 in packaging design

Most of us believe ourselves to be unmoved by the subtle psychological cues in the packaging of the things we buy, choosing products solely based on their merit and value. 

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Why Food Packaging Design Matters to Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kevin Keating at PKG on June 13, 2018 in food packaging

One reason food packaging design is such a fascinating subject is that it includes generous helpings of both science and art. Because the packaging contains food that people eat, it must protect the food and prevent contamination, keeping it as fresh and palatable as possible. And because people have such a vast array of choices, it must reach out to the consumer and influence them to choose one particular product over a competitor. 

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