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Evolving Packaging Design Trends in the Healthy Food Sector

Evolving packaging design trends in the healthy food sector

Packaging design is about communication. This communication is especially important in the grocery store, where consumers rapidly scan through multiple products to find a brand that inspires trust. Food packaging design gives consumers product information and also gives them a feel for your product and its wholesome and simple nature. Tracking trends in packaging design can help your company better communicate with customers about the ways in which your product supports their health and wellbeing. 

Understanding the Health Food Sector

When the packaged food market began, brand positioning was often flashy and cool, not subtle and minimalist. In contrast, in the early days of the health food sector, many products were made in home kitchens. They were rustic and packaged by hand. 

Over time, the market for health food has widened. Even more consumers are looking for simple, healthy foods, and food packaging needs to appeal to a wider audience while maintaining a wholesome look. 

girls eating vegetables

Evolution of Packaging Design Trends

The natural foods sector has evolved from handcrafted food products. Today, healthy food is  mainstream, and product packaging has changed to reflect this. New product package design often features minimalist design, appealing to a higher-income consumer market. 

Consumer packaging has also changed from those homegrown days. Healthy packaged foods are mass-produced. However, customers still seek out sustainable packaging materials, and there are many more to choose from. Recyclable packages, those made from recycled content, compostable materials, and even edible packaging help brands connect with eco-conscious consumers.

milk bottle in a supermarket fridge

Current Key Trends

Packaging design is a fluid industry, and it can be challenging to keep up with the current consumer trends. Today, how do you let shoppers know about your healthy food product? 

Graphic design sends cues to customers, telling them about the wholesome nature of your product. White backgrounds are clear and clean. Paired with simple logo design, they tell customers that this food product is about the fundamentals of good nutrition.

Honesty and realism attract consumers to natural and healthy foods. Imagery on your packaging should incorporate realistic elements such as a garden or a freshly-picked carrot.

Shoppers seek out foods with specific attributes such as fewer calories. On healthy foods, nutritional information is highly visible on the package. 

While many healthy food products share elements of graphic design or have similar packaging materials, your brand also needs an original look. Pinpoint what distinguishes your product from others, and communicate this. 

Those who seek out natural, healthy foods also look for eco friendly consumer packaging. This packaging not only reduces your company’s environmental impact, but it’s part of your brand positioning, connecting you with consumers who pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

The Role of PKG Brand Design

PKG Brand Design works with many different food brands to make sure that their packaging is at the forefront of market trends. 

For instance, our work on Natural Cut meat and cheese products uses farm imagery to tell the customer that these products are natural and wholesome. A clean font and clear information about the origins and ingredients lays out all of the information for customers, leaving no doubt that these products are local and natural. 

Today more than ever, customers need to know that your product will support them in their healthy lifestyle. How can you communicate this at a glance? Clean logo design, thoughtful images, and honest communication will draw your health-conscious customers in. Work with us at PKG Brand Design and stay ahead of the trends: subscribe to our blog today.


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