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What Are Some of the Biggest CPG Subscription Packaging Trends?

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More people are subscribing to services to have CPG products sent directly to their homes. This convenient method of receiving goods continues to increase as they are made more readily available by a multitude of companies.

This article explores how these products are packaged and the new CPG packaging trends. Here is what you need to know.

Customer Experience

A lot of attention is paid to the customer experience. There is significant competition with providers who offer next or same-day delivery. Companies providing subscription services will need to create a unique experience to succeed.

Subscription trends reveal that 15% of online shoppers subscribe to one or more services to regularly receive products. These are often younger urbanites who value convenience at a lower cost.

Customer service is important to these customers, as is sustainability. They likely will not hesitate to cancel in favor of another company offering the same products with a better experience.

Choose packaging that will appeal to the product and customer. It should be easy to open and attractive.

Today’s consumers are concerned with saving the environment. Research shows 74% of consumers will pay more for a product that uses sustainable packaging.


Personalization is essential to many subscribers. They may want different product features or subscription offerings. Some seek to stock up on products regularly, while others want exclusive perks available to members only.

Other customers subscribe to products just for the personalized offerings. These products provide novel experiences, which many customers prefer.

Each type of product should be packaged accordingly. The CPG packaging should reflect the specific category as outlined above. Personalized packaging is just as important as personalized products and will go a long way toward customer loyalty.

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Quality Comes First

Reward your customers with high-quality products and CPG packaging. It is better to include fewer high-quality products that are packaged well than several items that will not hold up. Subscription services are often more about the experience than receiving a greater quantity of products.

E-commerce Packaging

Packaging is the first thing customers see when purchasing a subscription product. It can make or break what they think of the brand.

Customers rely on companies to ship products quickly and efficiently. Beautiful CPG packaging that shows off your brand communicates your dedication and reliability to consumers.

Cohesive Packaging

Remain consistent with your CPG product packaging and design. This communicates your brand strategy and message and makes your products instantly recognizable.

The packaging makes all the difference. Customers will remember your products based on how you package them and will depend on your quality and dedication. This increases brand loyalty and helps you promote new products.

Bold Colors

CPG packaging with bold colors can make your product stand out. It also gives it a luxurious look and feel.

Reusable Packaging

Beautiful packaging begs to be used more than once. Consumers who enjoy repurposing materials will keep sturdy boxes and reusable bags because of their potential. Customers may appreciate the packaging as much as the product.

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