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Eco-Friendly Packing Ideas for Keeping Vegan Consumers Smiling

Vegans and veggie lovers make up a high percentage of consumers. According to Med Alert Help, the total number of vegans in the world as of January 2021 is approximately 79 million.

It’s important to these consumers to purchase items free of animal products. This includes all CPG packaging materials. Here are some ideas that will appeal to them and keep them coming back.

Fruits and veggies

What Is Great Sustainable Packaging?

Great packaging sustainability appeals to vegans and other consumers because it shows you stand for a cleaner environment. It communicates your values through the materials you use.

Vegan packaging communicates who you are on your labeling. Vegan shoppers look for specific information such as what materials you use, the product's level of sustainability, and how your brand fits within the environment. Creating labels that specify your commitment to saving the planet and your use of animal-free materials will go a long way in pleasing vegan consumers.

Use Playful Images on Your Packaging

Use images on your sustainable packaging that are playful and fun. This is where you can show your personality as a brand.

To do this, use photos that show shoppers who you are rather than just telling them. Try not to reveal too much about the product. This creates curiosity about both the item and your brand. It makes them want to know more about what’s inside.

Use bright colors and bold fonts to describe your product. This will catch the eyes of consumers searching through store shelves or online.

Design Packaging for Vegan Consumers

While the photos, colors, and fonts you use are important, the CPG packaging materials are what will sway many vegan consumers. Use plant-based packaging they can see. This will show them you're committed to sustainable packaging that's made from materials that are important to them.

Be clear on your labels about the materials you use. Vegan consumers will read this information to ensure they're purchasing products fully made of non-animal materials.

Protecting earth

Maximize Usage and Minimize Waste

The inside of a package is just as important as the outside. Use CPG packaging that maximizes usage and minimizes waste. This means using the right amount of the right materials.

The key to a greener path is to use materials that cause the least amount of harm to the environment. This means choosing carefully.

Find materials that consumers can reuse. Place your brand logo on the box along with an interesting design for eye-catching effects.


The number of consumers who place high value on companies using eco-friendly packaging is increasing. This is showing in the rising level of companies that have registered their products and packaging as vegan.

As of March 2022, the Vegan Society registered its 60,000th vegan-certified product. The society also reports 97% of vegetarians and vegans look for vegan verification when shopping for food. This shows their commitment to purchasing products from brands that align with their values. By becoming one of those brands, you can broaden your consumer base and make a solid difference.

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