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Has There Been a Shift Toward Gender Neutral Packaging?

Combining male and female symbols.

Targeting CPG products toward certain demographics is an integral part of any brand strategy. Packaging design is an essential part of this process because it communicates vital information about the product inside.

Gender-neutral branding is on the rise. Rather than focusing on gender, brands are using connected packaging to enable customers to interact directly with the product. Here are some things to consider.

What Is Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging enables customers to connect with your product using image recognition or by scanning a QR code with the camera on a smartphone or other mobile device. This code is located on the CPG packaging and provides access to product information, questionnaires, discount codes, and sometimes even interactive games.

Connected packaging uses a browser-based app and is designed to provide relevant experiences and content to customers. This type of technology helps brands start important dialogs with the consumers who are buying their products.

Connected packaging strengthens brand presence by directly reaching out to consumers. Use it to gain valuable insights so you can better understand their wants and needs, plus build brand loyalty.

The popularity of connected packaging is rapidly growing. According to a Data Bridge report, it is anticipated this global market will grow by 7.4% between 2020 and 2027.

Connected packaging can create a digital experience. This can help educate customers about your brand while keeping them engaged.

Use it to collect data to inform future marketing campaigns. This makes it an extremely valuable part of your marketing strategy.

Reading a food label.

What Is the Link Between Connected and Gender Neutral Packaging?

Many manufacturers are changing the way they package products. Rather than using specific colors to denote gender like pink or blue, they are using more neutral colors. Clean designs and up-front labeling clarify what the product is without marketing toward a specific gender.

Gender-neutral CPG packaging can reveal valuable data about consumers while promoting gender equality. More options in the marketplace will mean appealing to a wider range of customer needs without focusing on gender or stereotypes.

Toy manufacturers, for example, can group products according to type and age rather than gender. This sends an inclusive message to customers regardless of the product.

Removing gender-specific packaging from the marketing strategy enables you to concentrate on details such as product uses. Skincare is a perfect example of this because healthy, well-cared-for skin is important to everyone.

Fragrance products like perfume and cologne are another example of how gender-neutral packaging can be used. In 2018, research revealed 51% of fragrances on the market were non-gender specific.

Instead of concentrating on gender, think of ways to showcase the product benefits on the CPG packaging. Include information about what makes your product different from others, and provide simple, clear instructions on how to use it.

How Can You Make Your Packaging Gender Neutral?

Gender-neutral packaging should look modern. Think clean lines and a minimalist profile.

Focus on functionality. Use neutral colors such as black, white, and teal.

Use matte textures and sleek lines. Keeping it simple enables you to focus on the message you want to send to customers so they can make well-informed buying decisions.

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